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My name is Kwame and I am pleased to introduce you all to Accra, Ghana's home town. Ghana has long been a popular destination for many first-time visitors to the continent, and in a way, the long tropical coastline is the most natural train ticket for travelers. I came to Ghana with the sole purpose of lying on the beach, but I was praying to lie on a beach.

With the large number of tourists and visitors expected in Accra, Ghana in the last quarter of 2019, it is particularly important to take security seriously and to remain alert and vigilant while exploring and enjoying the festivities. Traveling in Ghana is relatively safe, although one has to be aware of the usual suspects such as kidnappings, robberies and other forms of violence.

If you have questions about traveling in Ghana or are wondering what admissions you need for your trip, you can arrange an appointment with a local doctor for a free medical check-up - above in Accra, Ghana. Visit our Ghana Travel and Tourist Information page for all the latest information on traveler health related to Ghana, including advice and recommendations. Read our travel guides for details on what to see and learn more about Ghana and its tourist options for the next few months.

If you are returning to Ghana and would like to contact your embassy, please come back for an interview with the Ghana Embassy in Accra, Ghana or your local embassy.

If you need a visa to enter Ghana, you can apply for one at any Ghanaian embassy or consulate located in the country where you are legally resident. The British diplomatic mission will charge you 50 UKP (or 70 PS70) to process your Ghanaian visa application, unless the authorities in Ghana require you to forward your visa application to them. If they decide to charge an additional fee, they can charge it if you correspond directly with them. You must apply for an entry visa at the nearest consulate in your area.

If you are travelling to Ghana, you may need to take a COVID-19 PCR test and provide additional documentation before you leave. If currently no entry visa is available, the Ghana visa must be obtained through the embassy or consulate of Ghana. This usually takes about seven days, with a validity of 14 days, and is considered a good reason to be taken to the British Embassy and Consulate General in Accra to apply for an entry visa.

Residents of Ghana travelling to Austria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland or Portugal can also apply for an entry visa through VFS Global. The Embassy of Ghana asks the Traveller to submit his application in person to the British Embassy or Consulate General in Accra, Ghana. For information on making an appointment for submitting Form I-131A, please visit the Embassy website.

If you are travelling to Ghana for the first time and have booked your flight, please check your travel and entry conditions before travelling, as everyone needs a yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter the country. If you live in Ghana and would like to apply for a short-stay visa for the Netherlands, you can find out more about the rules for applying here.

As my friend found out, it can be quite difficult to obtain a tourist visa for Ghana, depending on the passport you have and where you live. The international driving licence is normally valid for one year and cannot be renewed in Ghana, but other foreigners require a visa before entering Ghana. Traffic is another thing to keep in mind when choosing accommodation, as it depends on when you are visiting and how long you stay in Accra.

Even if you only have one week, I hope you will think about planning a trip to Ghana. Even if it is only a short time, it is a great opportunity to visit some of the most popular tourist destinations in Ghana, and even if Ghana does not have a well-defined tourism season, a booking is advisable. Here are some tips on how to plan your trip to Ghana so you can do the same for yourself.

If you plan to travel, do business or live in Ghana, this insider guide to Ghana will provide you with up-to-date information that will be updated regularly.

All travellers under the age of six travelling to Ghana for 90 days must register with the National Identification Authority (NIA). Travellers will be issued with a non-citizen Ghana card, which is required for all transactions requiring ID.

Information on obtaining a visa for Ghana can be found on the official website of the National Immigration Service of Ghana (NIA) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The website of Aba Tours is also for educational purposes if you are interested in traditional handicrafts in Ghana. Ghana Home Page is full of interesting and entertaining information about Ghana's history and culture. For the latest news and information on the best restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants in Accra, visit

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More About Accra