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Ghana lacks statistical data on participation in sports, but sports such as football, basketball, football, volleyball, hockey and football are very popular. Ghana has plenty of time for sport, but lacks statistics on its participation in other sports.

The English Premier League has a huge following in Ghana, with sports bars and taverns showing live matches. Combined with high participation in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and hockey, Ghana's sports consumer base attracts all kinds of people, athletes and coaches. With the introduction of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the National Football League (NFL), Ghana is moving in the right direction to become an integral part of the development goals.

To achieve its goals, the National Sports Authority must adopt a holistic approach to cascade holistic development through sport and physical activity and achieve different social outcomes through sport in each community in Ghana.

The NSFs believe that the adoption of the Sports Act 2016 will oblige the government to continue to work for the development of sport in the country and the promotion of sport in general, not just football. The Ghana Football Federation has benefited from the support of other sports associations such as Ghana's National Football Federation (NFF) and Ghana's National Youth League (MOYS). Most of them, usually referred to as "lesser known sports" in Ghana, have expressed dissatisfaction with the unfair treatment of MOY, with financial support from other NSFs bearing the brunt of the funding allocated to the Ghana Football Association's international competitions.

For information on all this and more, visit the Ghanaian Football Federation website, which can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media.

You can look around neighborhoods in Ghana that have football pitches and ask to play on Saturdays, or you can look for neighborhood clubs in your neighborhood that you know have a football field.

In Ghana you can buy a good horse for 5000 US-Dollars plus transport to Accra from a specialist dealer. Obtaining a visa from the Ghana High Commission is relatively easy, provided you follow the instructions on the website of the Embassy of Ghana.

Ghana's handball is now at an age where its coaches have benefited from a number of international tournaments, including the World Handball Championship and the Junior World Championship. Ghana competed in both the men's and women's competitions and held its own at the 2014 World Youth Championships in Benoni, South Africa, in April, finishing third to retain its place at the next event.

E.A. Quaye lost the title in Accra, Ghana in 1964 and won it again in Lagos in 1968. Since then, matches between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko have not been played at night, but the Ghanaian Football Association has learned a lot from the incident. There is not much to say about the structural development, except that we can boast a good concrete pitch and the game is played on it.

The National Sports Authority has Regional Sports Committees (RSCs) chaired by the President of the Ghanaian Football Federation (GFA), which will be used until 2019 to develop sport and development in Ghana and to ensure the promotion of sport in the country and its development as a whole. Sports organisations are divided into seven main organisations, comprising the National Sports Authority, the regional sports committees, the regional football associations and the sports councils, and they are divided into ten regions, each with its own sports committee.

FA football is managed by the Ghanaian Football Federation and the men's national football team is known as Black Stars, while the Under 20 team, known as Black Satellites, is considered one of the best in the world in its age group and the most successful team in Ghana's history.

Yet Mourinho has consistently provided a relatively high level of support, particularly for the Black Stars Under-20 team and the Under-21 team.

Ghana joined the ICC in 2002 and the game has evolved. The Ghana Cricket Federation has also committed to promoting the sport in Ghana, although it has since been taken over by the Ghana Football Federation (NSF) and the Ghana National Football Association (NFA). National Sports College activities have stalled in recent years, while universities across Ghana no longer offer academic coaching and sports management programs, while NSFs conduct training programs that are consistent with their respective international sports federations.

Ghana has participated in many championships, including the Africa Cup of Nations (Africa 4.0) and the World Cup as well as the African Games. Ghana won the gold medal at the 2014 Africa Zone 3 Games in Ghana by defeating Nigeria in the final of the Africa Zone 3 Games held in Ghana.

Later that year, Gabriel Emile Missodey, supported by S.K. Hlordze, founded the first handball team in Ghana, based in Osu. In 1976, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) was founded and later the National Football League (NFL). Subsequently, the Ministry of Sports was founded in 1978, which was headed by a sports commissioner who oversaw the development of Ghana's sport and was also directly under the authority of the then head of state.

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