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You may not know it from your point of view in New York, but Ghana's capital, Accra, is undergoing a major cultural revolution. Passing the corner of West 44th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, the intrusive three-story pink building, which stands almost isolated, is hard to miss.

The art space was founded by a group of young Ghanaian artists, many of whom returned to Ghana in 2011 after years in the UK. They use the address book to support local artists and organise events to promote their work. He also organizes art exhibitions, workshops and other events in Accra and other parts of Ghana.

British supermodel Naomi Campbell will attend, and Oforiatta Ayim said plans were also underway for an exhibition of art in Ghana. Boafo is now also planning to open an artist's residence for African artists in Accra, similar to Yinka Shonibare in Nigeria and Kehinde Wiley at BlackRock in Senegal. So we plan to set up residencies, and that will be this summer, and we will invite one or two who are working internationally, maybe more established, who have gallery representation. Opoku will have a solo exhibition at the 1957 inaccra Gallery in December and he was invited because he is one of the most popular and respected artists in Ghana and a member of the Ghanaian Art Council.

I am very much looking forward to it and we have many ideas of what we can experience in Ghana so that it can be experienced.

Ghana is late because it does not have a real buyer market, especially where there is such a large community of collectors. To attract established artists from abroad and pair them with younger, less established artists in Ghana would be amazing if we were able to learn from each other across cultural boundaries. We will continue to look for Ghanaian artists, but at the moment we find more in Nigeria and Uganda.

There are a few major galleries operating in countries outside Accra, but not many in Ghana. When an artist in Accra is doing well in several parts of Africa, he is invited to show his work in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other African countries.

Another destination outside Accra is the internationally operating contemporary art gallery, the New York Contemporary Art Gallery, which was founded last year by the collector and businessman Marwan Zakhem.

The premises are open to the public and offer locals and tourists the opportunity to see contemporary art, most of which originates from Ghana itself. Although the gallery is open to contemporary art, it aims to exhibit older generations of Ghanaian artists as well as contemporary works of the younger generation. Examples of this are Ablade Glover, who uses gripping visual narratives, as shown in the recent exhibition "Ablade and Glover" at the New York Contemporary Art Gallery, in which a giant knitted coal sack covers the work, consumption, and socio-political calendar, which is discussed in a series of paintings on the walls of his gallery. In the last two years he has launched a number of projects, some of which have been described in his book "Ghanaian Art and Contemporary Art in Ghana."

Serge Attukwei Clottey's piece "Afrogallonism," in which performers and locals took part in a dance performance in front of the gallery walls, as well as the installation of his sculpture series "Art in Ghana."

Founded in 2016, the gallery has now expanded to Dakar in 2018, opening in an elegant space dedicated to contemporary African art, and a second location in the city's central business district.

Accra today has one of the world's thriving and vibrant art communities, with a thriving art scene and a vibrant art scene. We have compiled a list of the most exciting artists, galleries and galleries in Ghana's emerging art capital.

CrazinesT ADA, a contemporary art gallery based in Accra, Ghana, specializes in the work of emerging artists such as Lhola Amira, Kwame Nkrumah, Nana Akufo - Addo and Kwadwo Asamoah. Clottey is represented by the British-born artist, and his work has not stopped with works by other Ghanaian artists and galleries in Ghana. The gallery is the result of a partnership between the Ghana Museum of Contemporary Art (GMA) and the National Gallery of Ghana (NGCG). Consider Ghana's red suitcase by L hola amira (2010), a collection of works on display in the gallery.

Anyone who wants to learn about the country's art scene must be introduced to it by connoisseurs. Ghana, which I find very interesting, does not really behave like an art infrastructure, but it has a good number of galleries, museums, galleries and art schools, as well as a great variety of artists.

The growing national self-confidence generated by the independence movement in Ghana, as in other African countries, was responsible for the promotion and popularization of many art forms in the mid-to-late 20th century. The presence of the gallery in 1957 really changed things in Accra and made it clear that despite government programmes to support the art industry in Ghana, there was room for artists of a certain level. Many of them have left Ghana to work in Europe and the US, and there is nothing to show for it. In 2009, C. Kle began selling paintings at Ghana Art Gallery, one of Ghana's most prestigious art galleries.

More About Accra

More About Accra